Career Counseling
I work with individuals from young adults to mid-life professionals who are navigating career choice, career transition and career management challenges. For over twenty years I have assisted people in their efforts to discover how who they are will best fit in with the range of possibilities in the world of work, as well as in implementing successful career/job changes.

Services include assessment, assistance in finding and navigating necessary resources, job search correspondence (resumes and cover letters) and staying current in all available networking techniques.

I charge a flat, per-session fee for career counseling.

(Straightforward career work is not covered by insurance.)

I love hearing interesting career stories and perspectives on how life and work change over time. In my career work at the University of St. Thomas I have had the opportunity to make some short videos that reflect this interest. Of course, career counseling takes more than 30 seconds. But some life/career lessons can be learned in a relatively short time if you listen.


Video 1
Career Plans Have a Way of Evolving
Video 2
Know Your Talents and Interests
Video 3

Video 4
The Boss on struggling early on, success and
the cost of making lots of money
Video 5
Use your brain to find a job your heart will love

Paul Strickland, MA
Licensed Psychologist/Individual Psychotherapy/Life and Work/Career Issues
Office Location: On Selby, just west of Snelling in St. Paul
Saturday morning appointments available

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